Mr. Gary Doninger

By Tom Groves on 2014-02-17 13:32:31 -

Thank you all who visited my site last week.  The weekly winner was Ms. Melissa Gillenwater.  I will be delivering a free Kitchen Sink Pizza to her office this week. Our company, Indoff, combined Industrial and Office to get the name Indoff.  A little confusing to those in Indiana because it sounds a little like Indot, our state wide department of transportation.  This week's subject......Mr. Gary Doninger.   Gary has been my delivery person, installer, right hand man and mistake catcher for the past 17 years.  I would not have my customers, if it were not for Gary.  He is the most personable and dependable person in our industry.  If you get time to respond, say something about Gary, if you know him, and I will post a couple of your comments.

We will be picking another winner next week.  All you have to do is visit and let me know you were here to qualify.

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Mr. Gary Doninger

By Tom Groves on 2014-11-05 10:39:16 -

Another comment from a customer about Mr. Gary Doninger.  Gary, I want to say thank you for all you do for Indoff and me.


I want to tell you the delivery man you have is one of the nicest people we have met. Good service !!! 

Roger Ambrose 

Adm Newburgh Healthcare