We love referrals!!

By Tom Groves on 2014-09-25 09:12:52 -

Gary and I love referrals!!  Who doesn't?  We are fairly certain that most of our customers appreciate the service that Gary and I provide for our customers. Especially, Mr. All Smiles Doninger.   If they didn't, they wouldn't continue to buy from us, right?  Well, we are trying to build our customer base and would really appreciate your help.  

If you know of any friend, family member or acquaintance who is working for a company that is not using Indoff for their business products, we would like to introduce ourselves to them.  Just give us a company name and contact person. If they agree to let me drop off a catalog, Gary will hand deliver to you an Indoff coffee cup filled with Office Snax candy.   They don't have to place an order, just let us drop off a catalog.  If they do place an order of any size, Gary will take them a coffee cup with candy as well.  
Gary and I look forward to hearing from you.